The unstoppable wave prepares to hit your television

This strikes us as a noteworthy video from technology commentator and author Robert Scoble, who writes the well-known Scobleizer blog.

Video over the internet is bigger-than-huge, as we have been saying for some time (see for example "The Unstoppable Wave" series here, here, here, and here). It is already an extremely big deal and growing like crazy even without the widespread ability to watch it on your living room television.

As Mr. Scoble points out, the ability to easily put video from the web onto your television has been virtually nonexistent up to now. Yes, there are devices that enable people to do so, but even for those who own such devices, finding a video using such devices on their TV is much more difficult than finding the same video over the web.

Now, with the debut of a new protocol from Apple* called AirPlay, the barrier between the world-wide web's trove of video and that big screen in your living room is coming crashing down. Other major players are sure to follow.

All we can say is, this looks really good for the Unstoppable Wave.

* At the time of publication, the principals of Taylor Frigon Capital Management owned securities issued by Apple (AAPL).