Noteworthy article: "Netflix everywhere"

Here is a noteworthy article from Wired magazine entitled "Netflix Everywhere: Sorry Cable, You're History," written by Daniel Roth.*

We recommend it for several reasons. First, it is an excellent illustration of a "paradigm shift." We have discussed the importance of this concept in numerous places, such as here and here.

Second, it relates to the "Unstoppable Wave" paradigm that we believe all investors should understand. Recent posts on this topic can be found here and here.

Further, it illustrates the point we made back in February 2008 in this post, in which we pointed out a New York Times article whose author declared: "downloadable movies require high-speed Internet connections - and only about half of American households have them. That number won't change much for years."

We used that article back then as an example of failing to appreciate how rapidly things can change -- in other words, failing to appreciate the power of a paradigm shift, even one that was well under way in 2008. This is a very important lesson for investors.

* At the time of publication, the principals of Taylor Frigon Capital Management did not own securities issued by Netflix (NFLX).