Andy Kessler: "Spectrum Scarcity? Hardly."

Andy Kessler has an excellent article on his website entitled "Spectrum Scarcity? Hardly." We've referenced his writings previously, such as in this post. In this article, as well as in a subsequent interview on Tech Crunch, he is discussing the concept of "net neutrality" -- or, more precisely, the role of government in regulating commercial practices on the internet.

We recommend listening to Mr. Kessler's views in conjunction with our previous posts on the subject, including this one.

We also recommend Bret Swanson's commentary on the recent developments at the FCC regarding this issue, which he published in RealClearMarkets here. Along with George Gilder, Bret Swanson is the author of "Unleashing the 'Exaflood,'" an important article we have referenced before and which we discussed here.

It is clear to Mr. Kessler (and to us) that the bandwidth paradigm shift currently underway is the most important economic development impacting businesses and future innovation today and for the coming decade. We also agree wholeheartedly with his arguments that government must not stifle competition and innovation in this critical field (and with his argument that incumbents typically lobby hard for legislators to preserve the status quo at the expense of potential newcomers).

However, we are also encouraged that recent developments, while not perfect, appear to reduce the chances for some of the most onerous initiatives proposed by those in favor of increased government regulation. We'll take that as a mild positive, while continuing to agree with Mr. Kessler that more competition for the delivery of bandwidth would be even better.

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