"Managing Investments in the New Era"

Recently, Gerry Frigon was invited to speak at the Andre, Morris & Buttery Central Coast Business Symposium on January 26, on the topic of "Managing Investments in the New Era."

Above is a link to the full presentation, complete with all the slides and Gerry's discussion (39 minutes).

After you watch the presentation, you may wish to review related blog posts in which we discuss some of the topics Gerry mentioned in his discussion, including:
  • Financial panics of 1907 and 2008, such as here and here.
  • The role of mark-to-market accounting, such as here and here.
  • The blind spots in "modern portfolio theory," such as here and here.
  • The importance of a focus on businesses in investing, such as here and here.
  • The teleputer and the Exaflood, such as here and here.
  • The "Unstoppable Wave" paradigm shift, such as here and here.
The discussion of the current "replacement rate" for houses and automobiles comes from the work of Brian Wesbury, Chief Economist of First Trust Portfolios, whose insights we always find valuable.

Disclosure: During the video, Amazon.com (AMZN) is mentioned. The principals of Taylor Frigon own shares of AMZN.

Video services courtesy of Gallagher Video, Paso Robles, CA.

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