Another important article from George Gilder

The latest Forbes magazine (cover date of November 10, 2008) contains an important article from George Gilder entitled "The Coming Creativity Boom."

In it, the author highlights the critical role that creativity plays in a successful economy. Creativity is the heart of entrepreneurship, and entrepreneurship is at the heart of the economic success America has enjoyed for over two centuries.

Chris Anderson of Wired magazine recently wrote a post in the Wired blog which shows just how insightful George Gilder has been for over two decades in his vision and his articulation of the direction technology is going and the impact it will have on every area of our lives.

This blog has also called attention to the importance of George Gilder's insights, such as his discussion of "The Exaflood" back in February of this year.

In this most recent article, George points out that "the current crisis is mostly confined to the boondoggles of finance." The important thing to keep in mind is that "The real source of all growth is human creativity and entrepreneurship, which always comes as a surprise to us, especially in the worst of times."

To back up this last assertion, that surprises are often developed by creative individuals and companies during "the worst of times," he links to another excellent post written by Rich Karlgaard last week, which details some of the innovative firms that sprouted during the 1970s.

These things are important for investors to understand, especially at a time when few are focusing on them.

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