Excellent article from Marc Andreessen

All investors should carefully consider an article published in the Opinion section of today's Wall Street Journal from entrepreneur and venture investor Marc Andreessen, entitled "Why Software is Eating the World."

It explains the paradigm-shifting impact that technology is having on businesses that at first glance might appear to have nothing to do with software. In fact, in the article, Mr. Andreessen declares that "Companies in every industry need to assume that a software revolution is coming." He also believes that "this is a profoundly positive story for the American economy, in particular."

This is a subject which we believe is profoundly important for investors to understand, and one which we have written about many times in the past. For previous discussions of the important concept of a business paradigm shift, see this previous post (or search for posts containing those words). For previous discussions of the transformative impact that technological advancements are having and will increasingly have on all areas of business, see this previous post (or search for posts containing the words "unstoppable wave").

In the past, we have advised readers to learn from the way venture capitalists look for companies in which to commit investment capital. We believe that this new article from Marc Andreessen provides an excellent opportunity for exactly that kind of thinking and learning.