Morning investment comments from Gerry Frigon

Catch Taylor Frigon Capital Management's President and Chief Investment Officer Gerry Frigon live every morning at the opening bell on KCOY television's "Your Money." For investors outside the Central Coast area of California (from Santa Barbara to Monterey), those segments can be found on the internet at KCOY's website.

This morning, in the clip above, Gerry discussed the importance of the end of the mark-to-market accounting fiasco, which we have discussed on this blog in numerous previous posts stretching back to March 2008 -- see here, here, and here for more details.

The subject is also related to the "ideology of modern finance" that we discussed in this previous post, an ideology with which we strongly disagree but whose adherents believe (in the words of authors and investors -- and fellow critics of this modern financial ideology -- Andrew Redleaf and Richard Vigilante) "it is dangerous to even try to out-figure the all-seeing market on price or value." Those who supported mark-to-market are now raising howls of protest, and at the bottom of their arguments is that erroneous belief that market prices are always right (a version of the efficient market theory) -- an assertion that is just plain wrong.

To see previous editions of Gerry's morning commentaries, check out the videos below.

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