Unstoppable Wave: Revisited

Mary Meeker and the rest of her tech research team at Morgan Stanley* recently released a trio of research documents entitled the Mobile Internet Report.

They can be downloaded at the Morgan Stanley link above, and also read online in their entirety at ReadWriteWeb.

Meeker and her team are one of the first major Wall Street firms to delve into the enormous paradigm shift which we have written about in several places earlier, such as last January's post entitled "The Unstoppable Wave."

We would recommend that all investors understand the enormous wave that has already begun to radically transform the technology landscape and which will work its way through just about every other business during the next several years. It promises to be even more transformative than the tidal wave of technological change that hit the world in the 1990s, and may be even more rewarding to investors if they align their capital with the right businesses.

As we noted in the Unstoppable Wave, this is a paradigm shift that refuses to be stymied even by inept government meddling, of which there seems to be plenty these days.

Also, while they are now beginning to pay attention, this impending paradigm shift has been largely overlooked by the traditional investing voices, which have been distracted over the past two years (and, in fact, over the past decade -- see here).

Investors may wish to review some of our previous notes on this topic, such as:

* The principals of Taylor Frigon Capital Management do not own securities issued by Morgan Stanley (MS).

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